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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my car insurance cover me when I rent a car?

No It does not. The rental should have its own insurance as motor insurance is not transferable

Can my employee sue me if I have a workers’ compensation?

Yes your employee can sue in case of injury during work. If they feel the compensation     given under WIBA is inadequate. It is thus recommended to add Employers liability cover to the WIBA which caters for court costs related to WIBA claims

Can I get medical insurance for my parents who are over 70years?

Yes you can get Medical Insurance for your parents as long as they are below 85years of age. Talk to us for some options.

Can I insure my pets or Livestock?

Yes there are covers in the market that insure Pets & Livestock in case of theft, Medical claims or accidental injuries/death.

Is there a cover I can take to help me in case of cancer diagnosis?

At the moment there is a cover for ladies that pays out in case of breast/cervical cancer diagnosis. It is very affordable and can be taken by ladies upto the age of 60years.

What is the procedure to follow in case of a car accident?

Please refer to our Motor accident check list

Since I have comprehensive car insurance, are my family covered in case of injury due to an accident?

In case of injuries to immediate family of insured, the basic Motor comprehensive cover does not take care of any costs related to this. That is why it is important to take up a family medical/ personal accident cover. An extension can be added to cover medical expenses.

Can I pay my insurance premium in installments’ without interest?

Yes you can pay your insurance premiums in 2 installments within a month at no interest. Any period longer than this will attract interest.

Does medical insurance cover me for life?

Medical Insurance is an annual contract   renewable every year but will cover you for life as long as the renewal is made on time every year.

Does my local medical insurance cover me when I go out of the country ?

Depending on the type of cover, it should take care of Emergency admissions only whilst abroad for a specific period only, mostly 45days per trip.

Are there short term covers for cars and other forms of insurance?

Yes there are short term motor or medical insurance covers. This are mostly for motor traders & Expatriates for medical.

Is it possible to take a life cover even if I don’t have a dependent?

Yes you can take up a life cover, which would be an investment over a certain period. It can also be a term life cover which kick in if the unforeseen happens within a specified period.

Can I pay monthly for my medical insurances?

Yes you can pay for any type of insurance on a monthly basis but for non life products the maximum period is 10months

Are there international medical covers for people not living within Kenya?

Yes there are various companies that cover people whilst in abroad. We represent some of the major international providers like Cigna, Aetna

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